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                                                                                    Longarm Certification Class
                                                   Cost is $70.00 for a four hour class
In this class you will receive one on one training on the basics of longarm quilting. Our training is on the 20" Handi Quilter Amara machine. Once you have successfully completed this certification you will then be able to rent hours on either the Amara on a 12' table or the Simply on the 5' little foot table. This is all hand guided quilting (no access to the computerized portion).  Below is a list of what you'll be learning.
                              1- How to properly load your quilt top, backing, and batting
                              2- Basics of how to achieve good tension, thread the machine and oil it.
                              3- How to set a paper pantograph and quilt a few rows
                              4- How to advance the quilt and realign for the next row of the pantograph
                              5- Move to the front of the machine for an introduction into free motion quilting and ruler work.
                           I supply you with a quilt sandwich to work on and it is yours to keep when you're finished.You must call to schedule your certification at least 1 week in advance. Any cancellations within 48 hours or less will incur a $20.00 fee. Once your training is scheduled you may then go to my website to order your class and confirm with payment. 

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1/4-Inch Seam Foot (HQ Stitch 210)


1/4-Inch Seam Foot (HQ Stitch 510)


16-Inch Easy-Fit Ruler Base


20-Inch Steady-Fit Ruler Base


Adjustable Zipper Foot (HQ Stitch 510)


Ball Point Longarm Needles size 16 Two packs of 10


Ball Point Longarm Needles size 18 - Two Packages of 10 (18/110-FB, Ball Point)


Ball Point Longarm Needles size 20 - Two Packages of 10 (20/125-FB, Ball Point)


Channel Lock Pkg of 2


Clear View Quilting Foot and Guide Set (HQ Stitch 710)


Convertible Free-Motion Quilting (HQ Stitch 510)


Echo Feet


Extension Table (HQ Stitch 210)


EZ-Wind Slotted M-Class Bobbins (Package of 8)


Glide Foot 2


Handi Batting Scissors


Handi Feet Couching


Handi Feet Micro Foot


Handi Grip


Handi Light Strip


Handi Light Strip with Power Supply


High-Speed Longarm Needles - Sz 16 134MR 2pks of 10


High-Speed Longarm Needles - Two Packages of 10 (Crank 110/18 134MR-4.0)


High-Speed Longarm Needles - Two Packages of 10 (Crank 120/19 134MR-4.5)


High-Speed Longarm Needles size 14- Two Packages of 10 (Crank 90/14 134MR-3.0)


Horizontal Spool Pin and Clamp


HQ 10 Foot Studio2 Frame


HQ 12 Foot Gallery Frame


HQ 12 Foot HQ Studio2 Frame


HQ Black Light


HQ Bobbin Box


HQ Bobbin Tree


HQ Bungee Grabbers


HQ Gallery Frame Leader Set - (1) 11 Foot x 27 Inch and (2) 11 Foot x 17 Inch Leaders


HQ highlight 5


HQ Longarm Quilting Pins (Box of 144)


HQ Paddles


HQ PS/HQ Amara -12' studio2 frame


HQ Square Feet Set


HQ Stitch 210


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