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1/4" Clear View Foot (HQ Stitch 710)


1/4-Inch Seam Foot (HQ Stitch 210)




Amara Quilt from the back kit


Applique Foot (HQ Stitch 710)


Dual Feed 1/4-Inch Seam Foot (HQ Stitch 710)


Felting Accessory Kit For HQ Long-arms


Gallery Frame Hand Wheel Kit


Handi Feet Conversion Kit


Highlight 12 foot


Hold-Tight Quilt Clamps (large)


Hold-Tight Quilt Clamps (small)


HQ 10 Foot Studio2 Frame


HQ 12 Foot Gallery Frame


HQ 12 Foot HQ Studio2 Frame


HQ Amara w/ 12' Studio2 Frame


HQ Bungee Grabbers


HQ Capri Stationary long-arm with Insight Table


HQ Electromagnetic Channel Locks (HQ Avante, HQ Simply Sixteen, or HQ Sixteen)


HQ Forte quilt from the back Kit


HQ Gallery Frame Leader set (1-25x75", 2-13")


HQ Highlight 5


HQ HighRise2 Table Lift System


HQ leader, super 11" x 27" ( single)


HQ Little Buddy Kit


HQ PS with PS Designer- Forte


HQ Stitch Free Motion Quilting Feet Set


HQ Sure Foot


Moxie Quilt From Back Kit


My Secret Drawer


My Secret Drawer (Gallery)


Pro-Stitcher Lite for Hq Moxie on 8' Loft Frame


Ruler Base Steady Fit for HQ Moxie


Set of Clamps with Bungee Cord


Sew Steady Extension Table (HQ Stitch 210)


Sew Steady Extension Table (HQ Stitch 710)


Studio Casters


Studio Frame Hand Wheel